How to Prevent Your Girlfriend From Cheating

Ahh cheating. From what I know from male peers, a cheating woman has a much worse effect on a man’s ego than a cheating man has to a woman’s. Blame it on the society, we are all wired to think that a man who cheats is but a man, but a woman who cheats is scorned and deserves the societal version of hell.

Anyway, no one wants to get cheated on. Cheating is bad either way and thus there is no excuse for it. There is no scientific study that claims any explanation on how cheating minds work but thankfully, there are ways you can prevent it from happening. (Disclaimer: no approved therapeutic claims).

Be loyal. The golden rule applies here: “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you”. If you don’t want to be cheated on, if you abhor the act, and if you think it’s immoral, live it like you preach it and don’t cheat! Stick to your woman, be loyal in thoughts and in deeds and don’t give her a reason to say “Well, he does it anyway!”

Be a “present” boyfriend. Some boyfriends are only as good as their urges. They are so soaked up in so many other things that they forget their girlfriends until they feel lonely; and that’s when they call their girlfriends. That’s just unacceptable. Sure distance makes the heart go fonder, but it could also make the heart go wander. Long distance relationships aren’t even excused. Make your presence known and felt by your girlfriend wherever you are. Give her your time and your attention and let her know that she is valuable to you. She will give it back to you in two-, threefolds.

Respect her. If you do not want your woman to cheat on you, then treat her and other women with respect. Do not look at women lingeringly – whether you’re with your girlfriend or not. Do not talk about other women to her or when she’s around. And do not entertain the thoughts of flirting with other women even when you’re alone. Respect is earned, not begged for so if you want your woman to respect you back and not cheat on you, respect her by not looking at or thinking about other women lustfully.

Trust her. Mutual trust is necessary in relationships. Never be too uptight with her and give her enough freedom. Oftentimes, it’s the women who have been too choked up in their current relationships that think about the beauty of being free with another man.

Make her feel special. A woman always needs some form of affirmation and reassurance. Read this article on falling in love. She needs to know that she’s special to you and that you love her enough to be the envy of other women. If you treat your girlfriend the way you treat other girls, she will feel neglected and she won’t like it. Tell her how much you love her regularly. Take her on random dates and not just on special occasions. Remember important dates. Be close to her family. Call her a special name. Always remind her that you’re thinking about her. Spend quality time with her. Make love to her. A woman isn’t always that complicated but she does need consistency from her man.

To some it may not always work, but it’s worth a try. And besides, everything I’ve mentioned here are the usual things that a boyfriend should do to her girlfriend. 


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