How to Be Engaging in a Conversation and Wow Any Girl on a Date

Conversations are one of the most essential moments and tools in a date. It can make or break your dating life, in fact. A girl can overlook your flaws if your conversations are interesting and engaging. If you can make a girl laugh and get hooked to talking with you, you’re likely to make her swoon over you sooner or later.

The problem with most men is that they are only engaging in conversations with friends and family. They can only be as engaging as they are comfortable with people and their conversations are only as good as they are confident.

So here are some tips on how to be an engaging conversationalist and wow any girl on a date:

  • Ask the right questions. A conversation almost always starts with a questions to set up the conversation and the answers and remarks from it should ideally pick up pace. That is why the first question is always critical. Know which questions are okay, which questions are great and which questions are an absolute no-no especially to girls (i.e. questions on weight, ex, etc). If you don't know what to say, here's SIBG's opinion on flirting with girls.

  • Say things the right way. More important that asking the right questions is to ask your questions the right way. The tone of your voice, your hand gestures, and the look on your face will always send messages her way – and you know how women can overtly analytical and critical about everything! Speak loud enough for her to hear, speak your words clearly, and ask as if you’re interested – not as if you’re prejudging her or you’re interrogating her.
good conversationalist

  • Listen. The basics of a good conversation includes being able to speak out as well as listen. What’s the point of asking her if you won’t listen to her answers anyway? So listen to what she has got to say. Even when her answer is less than audible, or maybe even less than sensible or something you don’t understand, listen to her. You know how important being a good listener is to women so make sure you do listen. A good indicator that you were listening is when you can make sensible remarks from what she has told you.

  • Be humorous. Inject fun and laughter into the conversation with the right funny remarks said at the right time. You’re on a good stature, dating wise, if you can make your date laugh. Humor is sexy after all. When she feels good around you, she would definitely like your company and will likely go out with you another time. Avoid racist humor. Avoid sexual humor too. Avoid anything that tends to go towards becoming self-demeaning or offensive to her.

  • Look into her eyes. Looking elsewhere means you’re not interested. Fidgeting with something and looking at it while she’s talking is offensive and makes you look disinterested still. Establish connection early on with eye contact. This makes her ease up to you and become more comfortable towards you. Remember, eye contact is a sign of confidence and trustworthiness.

These tips are useful in any conversation not just in dates. Try this even with your business conversations and you’ll be surprised with the good results. Good luck! 


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