How to Find Your One True Love

These days, how to seduce a woman is so easy, with all available techniques. But the quest for your one true love seems elusive for a lot. This must be the one thing that so many people around the world want to know how to achieve. Thankfully, true love is a lot less elusive than world peace. And many people across the world have actually found theirs. In our search for that one generic method, we found out that there is no one generic method that could lead to one true love! Just as no two love stories are ever the same, there are no two perfectly identical fool-proof way to get there.

Finding Your True Love

And so, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to gather the most popular methods of finding the one true love and put it all together. Take your pick, do everything you feel like doing, and be on your way to your one true love.

  • Travel. Now this is a very interesting article about finding your true love while traveling. Maybe you have been born to and are living in the wrong place for true love. Maybe your one true love is somewhere else and is similarly waiting for you. Or maybe the prospects and the women around you are far from being the ideal partner for you. Go about and find your true love elsewhere!

  • Try different ways of dating. Online dating, blind dating, speed dating – name it. Then try it. As long as each dating method does not offend your personal principles and as long as you know how to protect yourself, go ahead and try it. No one’s ever achieved anything without trying so go ahead, be bold and meet people in different ways.

  • Go out and socialize. Unless you’re busy trying a hand at online dating, there’s no other reason why you should be locked up at home alone on a Friday night. Increase your chances of meeting women, increase your social visibility! You don’t have to be out there at every club getting wasted. Go to poetry reading nights, gallery exhibits, movie premieres, book launches, fruit picking day, organic farmers’ market opening night, what-have-you’s. Go find your passion outside and meet new people – they will lead you to meeting women who could one day be the woman.

  • Be your best self. Are you overweight or underweight? Do you think your skin could look a whole lot better? Does your wardrobe mimic your grandpa’s? Do you think you would be better off with another degree? Or could you use a promotion? Then work on them! Work on your small insecurities, and desires and wishes. Work on them not to meet women but to make you a much better person – on your own. When you have, your self-confidence will shoot up and women find that attractive. Love at first sight proves to be true for a lot of couples.

  • Pray. There are energies in this universe that we have no control of. If you’re into religion, go ahead and give it a boost for your love life. Maybe you need to go purge your mind and body with monks on the mountainside. Or offer a special love prayer every night. Or maybe you need to offer flowers to a saint or a god somewhere. There really is nothing wrong with believing in these things – as long as you do not get yourself or others hurt in the process, go ahead and follow your belief.


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