How Not to be Played on By a Woman

Nobody wants to be played on. Nobody wants to feel like someone insignificant enough to be somebody’s toy. Even the best of players around – men and women alike – find their humanity and touch-base with reality the moment they find themselves being played on. Okay, so you know how to get the girl you like. But how do you fool-proof yourself?

The frailty of human emotions and the welfare of one’s ego is always at stake in these situations. And with boys having bigger egos, I could only begin to imagine how great the damage a female player could do.

But of course, prevention is still so much better than cure. Gentlemen, here are ways to prevent yourself from falling victim to these vicious playing ladies. Also see The Sonic Seduction approach to love and dating.

This is not to blame anyone who’s ever been played on for the fate that has befallen their love lives. But we need to realize that we – on our own – must be able to protect ourselves from these sly creatures. 


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