We don’t know for sure why men cheat, but can you turn away from it?

An act of cheating does not happen overnight. It takes several stages of temptation before one makes a decision. Temptation is not the sin itself; it’s what you do with the temptation that decides whether it’s a sin or not.

In fact, temptation is your chance to think things through and actually get away from it.

What to Do???

So what do you do when you’re tempted to cheat? What does a gentleman do when temptation beckons? Here are very helpful tips that your girlfriends would love me for:


If a woman throws herself at you, turn away.

  • Turn and walk away. So someone is taking off her bodice right in front of you and maybe subtly (or deliberately?!) inviting you to lunge at her and you know…do your thing…what do you do? Well, turn away. Close your eyes and turn your back. Do this to every temptation that comes your way. Forget about being curious about it. Just turn and walk away.
  • Think about your girlfriend. The conscience factor always works when avoiding temptation. So when you’re flirting with this ‘interesting’ woman, imagine your girlfriend’s face. Or, better yet, imagine her face when she sees you flirting with someone else. Oh just imagine the horrors of it! See if that doesn’t discourage you (or scare you) from moving further with your devious plans.
  • Put yourself in your girlfriend’s shoes. So you’re flirting. So you’re thinking about starting a clandestine romance with the girl next door. How would you feel if your girlfriend, your ladylove, your baby girl – would do the exact same thing you’re doing? Or at least think about them? Not because you want to learn how to pickup a girl anywhere means you have to! How would you feel if she gets dangerously attracted to some other guy?
  • Distract yourself. So you’re growing attracted to the girl in the next cubicle at the office. You feel like looking at her angelic face and you’re seriously getting more and more interested at her. Oh, and you’re seriously thinking about getting her number and asking her out for lunch? Boy, you’re mom’s going to be so proud of you! When you’re feeling a little tempted, distract yourself. Get mind away from her and find something else to think about or do.

If you’re faced with an invitation to cheat, do something sweet with your girl.

  • Do something sweet with your girlfriend. Nothing too grand on a random day – that seems suspicious. Even before she makes suspicions, reassure her (without her asking) that she is your only girl. This way, you are also reminding yourself that indeed she is, and she should be, your one and only girl.
  • Talk to someone unbiased about your relationship and someone you could truly trust. When choosing a person to confide in, go for someone you truly entirely trust, and someone who you know is unbiased about your relationship. An ideal person would be someone who does not hate your girlfriend, and someone who does not hate you. At this point, the only one I can really think of who fits the bill is your mother. (Unfortunately, some dads have this weird sense of pride about their ‘boy’ being so popular with the ladies’).

There’s no excuse for cheating. It’s not like it ‘just happened’. Unless your brain is placed in some other head, I don’t think there’s an excuse for it at all. Know when the alarms are ringing and act on it.


June 23, 2014

I’ve been suffering from depression lately, and so I won’t be updating this blog often. Sorry.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice sad song to enjoy.


Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend.

Apart from uninterrupted quality time and verbal assurances of your love, what makes girlfriends exceptionally happy are excellent gift ideas. A present that reminds her of how special she is to you can do wonders for the relationship. Whether it’s during Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or any day, the right gift can amp up the romance to the next level.

If you’re planning on surprising your girlfriend with a gift and having trouble finding the perfect item, remember it’s not as much about the item but the thought, effort and love that goes with it. You can buy her the most expensive jewelry, handbags or shoes but it wouldn’t matter much if it doesn’t hit the right chords. In order to have her heart singing when she opens the box, below are some gift ideas to consider.

Guys using eye contact to seduce women will work the best with these tips!

Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

>>>>>> Something Personal
Do you want to know what will make her feel truly special? Give her something unique, creative and personal. In other words, find or make a gift that no other woman has. If you’re an artist, why not make a portrait of her. Or try customization like a jewelry with special engraving. Something handmade is definitely personal and extra special too.

>>>>>> Try Going Traditional
Flowers with chocolates and a handwritten card always go a long way. Sometimes, you don’t need to move heaven and earth to find the perfect gift. If she loves flowers then buy her one. Add into the mix a box of her favorite chocolates as well as a personal letter of sweet nothings and you have an ideal and classic gift idea that ought to put a smile on her face.

>>>>>> Weekend Getaway
Sometimes, you also need to look beyond material gifts. If your girl loves to travel, surprise her with a weekend getaway in the beach, in the mountain or anywhere she loves. This gift idea may be expensive but the pay off for your relationship is definitely worth it. It’s also the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and spend quiet, quality time together.

>>>>>> Ask for Help
While some occasions call for flowers and chocolates, there are special moments when you may need to buy her material gifts such as shoes, handbags, clothes, jewelry or perfumes amongst others. When this is the case, the key is to ask for help. Get her friends or family on board to help you shop for the right color, size, style and kind.

Try some breakfast in bed.

Try some breakfast in bed.

>>>>>> Special Breakfast in Bed
Whether you’re living together or not, preparing her a special breakfast in bed should start her day right. Again, gift ideas do not have to be completely material. Seldom will you find a man whipping breakfast for her lady. Set yourself apart by doing exactly this. It doesn’t have to be culinary perfect. In fact, a simple pancake, bacon and juice menu will do. Just garnish a touch of romance by including maybe a flower, a note or a kiss to the recipe.

Some women may demand highly when it comes to gifts from their men. But if your lady is like most women, it’s usually the thought that counts. The fact that you remembered your anniversary or her birthday is a surprise in itself. But of course, you wouldn’t want to settle on just that. Give her something special that will keep her smiling for a long while by using the aforementioned gift ideas above.

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twilight-poster1Yes gents, you’ve read it right. That’s no typo error there. I am going to talk about the ‘Twilight’ movies (because I believe there was no way you would have grabbed a copy of any of those books) that most every man on the internet hates/hated on a regular basis. I’m pretty sure that if you had a girlfriend during the showing of any of the Twilight movies, or if you’ve been going out on dates during those times, you had likely seen them (by force more likely).

But while you could damn the movie for what it’s worth (or not worth) and hate Kristen Stewart for her acting during the whole movie (or the ‘poor decisions’ her character Bella did in the name of love), there was a thing or two to learn from the movie for every guy out there. In fact, I have 5 snippets of life and love lessons to share with you guys, courtesy of the Twilight movie series..

From ‘Twilight’ Movies

Here are the 5 lessons you should learn from Twilight:

  1. The mysterious guy gets girl’s attention. If you’re the noisy, boisterous, attention-hogging type of guy, you should take a cue from Edward Cullen. He was quiet, distant, and very, very mysterious. He kept his circle close and small, and so he became very popular. The less you talk, the more curious attention you get from them ladies. And chances are, the less you talk and the less you reveal about yourself, the less mistakes and turn-offish stuff you make. You know, less talk, less mistakes!
  2. Your muscles won’t assure you your girl’s love. Jacob Black had to-die-for abs, and the caramelish color of that said body is like that yummy frosting on top of an already awesome cake. But did he take the girl home? No. In fact, he was friendzoned. So you don’t have to build up that body just so to impress your crush; that, or that you don’t have to feel too insecure over that hunky guy she goes out with all the time. For all you know, she sees him as nothing more than a good friend.
  3. Stalking your (or any) girl is creepy. So Bella wasn’t exactly creeped out by the fact that Edward watches her sleep without her knowing (I know, something’s gone wrong with that girl), but dude seriously that’s not cool. It’s okay to watch her sleep but only if and when she is absolutely aware of what you’re doing and that you have her consent. Otherwise, that’s just outright creepy and could land you in jail and a temporary restraining order. This will make you like a rockstar!
  4. Being ‘ancient-ish’ wins the daddy. Edward was some old soul; he grew up at a time when men were actual gentlemen and he lived it through the present day even as a vampire. So drop the rogue-ish dirty boy moves and be a gentle lad who knows how to talk to elders and how to treat girls like ladies will win you the nod of her parents, friends, relatives, and general kin. You don’t have to glitter and all that; just some gentlemanly moves will do.
  5. You should make her miss you sometimes. At some point in the movie, Edward had to leave Bella in order to protect her from the bad vampires. And this caused Bella to obsess about Edward. And while I am not telling you that you should disappear, leave her desperately in the hopes of making her obsessive and clingy, all I’m saying is that you should give each other enough space to miss each other because it does a lot of good for your relationship. That brief moment of separation will make her realize how much she likes your company.

This will definitely make her like you, you can know if a girl likes you if she shows these signs.

Now you don’t have to sit through all the Twilight movies to learn these lessons. I know, I’m awesome; you’re welcome. *Wink*

How to Date Like a Rock Star

November 18, 2013

Young couple celebrating with red wine at restaurantRock stars get all the fun, don’t they? They seem to get all the women they want! Oh no wait, the women they want come to them. What is it about a guitar, the stage lights and the grungy look that make them demi-gods that make women want them so bad? Take Gene Simmons for example; he is nowhere near as sexy as a Josh Duhamel, and he certainly did not look any close to any of the Calvin Klein underwear models. Heck, his face was covered in black and white face paint that was the signature of his band, Kiss. But guess what, he [claims] to have bedded over 4600 women. While the numbers may seem a little outrageous, given his popularity with women, it may just be well over several hundreds. (God bless him if he indeed got to a thousand!)

But actually, it’s more than that. It should be more than that! It’s not just their musical prowess and the Hollywood effect that make them so popular among women. Duh, even small-town garage-level rock stars get a local following! So if it’s not the musical prowess, if it’s not the stage lights (that can easily make anyone look better), what is it then?

Guys, brace yourselves: it has been the ROCK STAR ATTITUDE all along. It is what draws women like a magnet. It is what makes women go cray-cray, and scream the rest of their souls out for the rock stars and the semi-rock stars. Now, don’t you want to be the non-rock star who gets to date the way they do?

Date Like a Rock Star

Hey guys! Tips on turning a friend into your girlfriend. Here are some rock star tips for the non-rock stars:

  • Carry that big-hair-don’t-care kind of attitude. If you’ve seen any of the biggest and most popular rock stars, you’d notice that they really don’t care about how they look. Or maybe they do, but they don’t make it too obvious. Why? Because apparently, their attitude does all the talking for them. Steven Tyler, the late great Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger, you name it – they have an undeniable cult following of women and their hair is the least of their cares. Neither do they really care about how they look like.
  • Be mysterious. Real rock stars don’t go about talking about their crap, parading and selling them to the media. They get hounded about by people wanting to know about their crap, not the other way around. And they don’t just go about talking about their feelings – they make music about them. In your non-rock star version, this translates to being mysterious. Don’t divulge everything in one go. Be an onion that women have to peel back, layer by little layer at a time. Mystery, after all, keeps women curious, and therefore, interested. *Wink*
  • Be confident. Know what you are, know where you stand, and be confident about who you truly are. That’s what the rock star attitude is all about – being confident in the skin you’re in. And whenever they’re feeling less than confident about themselves, they use something to mask it. Some actually use something to mask it – sunnies are the most popular choice, but hardcore accessories, bandanas, caps – anything that boosts your confidence works. 
  • Be in touch with your emotions but don’t go into drama. Rock stars are emotional people; they talk about it in their songs. This is a very good indication that these types of men are actually very sensitive. And you know how sensitive men are always very attractive to women! So while you can’t really sing about how you feel, or how your woman feels, show a lot of sensitivity about her feelings. But avoid drama. At all costs.

So, don’t just party like a rock star. Date like one – impress women with your rock and roll attitude!

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Boudoir-4How do you make your woman feel sexy? 

See, women – of all forms, shapes and sizes, yes every the most beautiful of them – are innately insecure. And it is important for them to know from their lovers that they are special, awesome, and yes, sexy.

So, how do you make your woman feel sexy?

Making her feel sexy goes beyond just telling her she’s sexy. It is even more than just drooling over her when she’s all wrapped up in a towel fresh from the shower, or asking her to have sex at night. Believe me, it takes more than your unmistakable, very apparent lust to make her feel like she’s the sexiest thing alive.

To make a woman feel sexy, you have to tap into her senses, her mind, her emotions. A woman’s sexiness is beyond what she’s wearing and how she’s wearing it. And that’s exactly what you have to touch – her inner sexy.

Tips to make her feel she’s sexy

Need some tips on how to make her feel sexy? Read on:intimacy-advice

  1. Touch her more often. Make her literally ‘feel’ sexy. Be cuddlier, hold her longer and tighter. Kiss her more often. Squeeze her hand, her arms, and maybe even her behind. And to make it even more special, do it randomly and when she least expects it. Hug her from behind while she’s cooking, squeeze her hand while you’re watching TV, or just cuddle while sharing a toast.
  2. Buy her sexy clothing and maybe even some really naughty lingerie. What better way to let her know that she’s sexy than to subtly hint at her to flaunt it? Now that’s really sexy. And again, like No. 1, do it when she’s not expecting it. Make it random. Doing it only on V-Day or on your anniversary is a little too mainstream and un-special.
  3. Send her sexy and naughty texts. Surprise your girl in the middle of the day with “Hey Sexy” or “I’m thinking about how you look right now” kinds of texts. These random, middle of the day texts, will likely make her look forward to meeting up with you at the end of the day. Not to mention, it will give her an awesome ego-boost and let her know that you are thinking about her when you’re not together.
  4. Do sensual things with her (intention for sex afterwards is optional). You don’t need to have sex with your girlfriend to make her feel sexy; but you do need to up the ante of sensuality. Give her long massages, prepare sensual baths, slow dance with her, and kiss her all over. Important note: don’t do it because you are expecting to be laid afterwards; do it because you want to make her feel all of your love and more.
  5. Tell her about it. Call her ‘Sexy’ instead of ‘Baby’ every now and then; whisper in her ear about how sexy she is when she’s running the vacuum cleaner around the house, or when she’s all garbed in her power suit. Tell her how sexy she is when she’s just woken up – morning breath and all. Tell her how sexy and attractive she is when she thinks she’s least sexy.

Want some tips on starting conversations with females? Click the link. Simply date her, show everybody that you’re a proud boyfriend.

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When it comes to conversation, stay in your comfort zone by coming up with a few topics that you can talk about easily so you’re not out of your depth too early. But it’s a delicate balance – one wants to be the guy who bangs on about your comic book collection all night, or what a pro you are on the bench press. If in doubt, ask your date about themselves and go from there.

Try for something that’s convenient for both of you to get to.

It’s perfectly ok to keep first or second dates to weeknights, but anything after the third outing together should be at the weekend.

But also, you can still read some of my article, like my last blog post. Hope I helped everyone to become successful in terms of dating women even though we really don’t know what they really like. Thanks for reading! Be back very soon :)

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How to Avoid Her Drama

October 7, 2013

girlWomen are always more inclined to drama than men. That’s a fact of life that every boyfriend, husband, and partner would have to live with for as long as they have women in their lives. I’m not fully sure how much estrogen has to do with it but you know it’s true so you just have to deal with it even if you followed all the tips in my previous blog post.

Like an oncoming cold, drama is triggered by something. Something in her or around her that’s touching on to some very sensitive areas is causing her to react a little too, er, dramatically. And just like an oncoming cold, there are ways to prevent a small emotional “imbalance” from becoming a full blown bout of drama.

Avoiding drama is not equal to walking out when she’s in the middle of her “tantrum,”, unless you want to be single before the drama is over. When a girl is having a “bad day”, the last thing you want is aggravate it. During these moments, she thinks the world is alone in her struggles and the universe has connived against her, to ruin her entire day. And if you do the wrong thing, she may even think you’re with the world and against her.

Things to know to avoid her drama

So here are some tips on how to avoid her drama successfully:

  • Know the signs. Unless you have known her for less than 6 months, you are likely to know what ticks her off and how she looks/acts like when she’s about to have a drama. The causes of the drama, surprisingly, are secondary. The thing that should be your prime concern is to know when a big girl tantrum is coming. Knowing these things is also a good way to gauge how well you know your woman and how sensitive you are of her. When you see one on its way, the last thing you want to do is aggravate it by: (1) being grumpy; (2) trying to be funny; and (3) surprisingly, being extremely sensitive of her (trust me, it can get annoying).girl1
  • Avoid doing the things that piss her off. This is the very reason why women nag – because men have a poor sense of understanding of the word ‘No’. if she says no to something once, she means it. She may forgive you the second time you commit the offense, may even give you another chance after the third. But do it the fourth time without any hint of remorse for it, you are fueling the drama and you have no one else to blame(read this article on getting dating advice).
  • When having a fight, initiate the drama before she does. This should be my cue to *wink* at you. Yes, one of the best ways to avoid her drama is to start the drama yourself. Bring out your inner drama queen every now and then – especially when in a fight and you can see that she’s heading that way – and she’ll be taken aback by your reaction. If you’re lucky, you’d not only get to avoid her drama but you’d successfully show her how you feel when she throws her drama. A piece of advice though: don’t overuse it! You don’t want to be a male drama queen yourself.

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Good luck! JC :)

There are practically as many types of exes as there are lovers. But there is one particular type of ex that makes you cringe, your blood curl, and your eyes squint. In a nutshell, these are the annoying, loathsome, I-can’t-move-on-and-so-should-you types of exes that you would have strangled yourself if it weren’t illegal.

But there is one thing that I think is worse than having that kind of ex: it’s when your girlfriend has that exact same kind of ex.

He stalks your girlfriend, he talks crap about you, he asks her out (still! The nerve!), he asks her to get back with him, and basically he tries to make it to the next batch of Disney villains. Everything that he does is directed at getting mad at you, making you look bad to your lady, and ruining your budding relationship – yes, even his very breath is intended at these purposes.

What’s a gentleman to do in this situation? Apparently, strangulation and tolerating relationship stress aren’t part of the options, but these ones definitely are:

  • Ignore. Totally ignore the d-bag and move on and be happy with your ladylove. See, he stopped becoming important to his ex (and your current girlfriend) and so he should not matter to you either. Just stop minding him – no matter how annoying he can get. He’d get tired of doing it eventually. Plus, your girlfriend will love your mature, gentlemanly calmness and composure in comparison with the immature animal that her ex is becoming.
  • Have your girlfriend talk to him in your presence. It’s something that needs the once-and-for-all kind of approach. And since (assuming) you are not acquainted with the ex, and what they had in the past was not your business (and should not be), the only person he should be talking with about the issue is the person involved aka your girlfriend. But he also needs to see that she is not alone in opposing his immature actions and thus the need for your presence. Face this problem as a strong, united couple. This alone sends a message to him about the whole picture: that she’s moved on!
  • Encourage your girlfriend to cut all ties with him. Desperate times just call for desperate measures. If the ex becomes this desperate time, a desperate measure would be to make sure he has no way of bugging you and your relationship. Your girlfriend could block her off of social media accounts, change emails, and maybe even change phone numbers. Unless the ex has criminal or obsessive maniacal tendencies, he should get the idea that he is not welcome in her life anymore. But remember not to force it on your girlfriend or you’d risk her anger by sounding like a dictating control freak of a boyfriend.

See, we cannot always control how others act around us – especially if we have something they don’t. But, good thing you can click here for a guide from SIBG.com to avoid these sticky situations. Remember, in these scenarios, the best and most effective way to deal with an annoying ex is a solid relationship. Be the immovable object that this seeming unstoppable force wants to go up against and emerge the stronger one.

Even the best of relationships can fall victim to relationship stress. Yes, even those match-made-in-heaven perfect couples can get so stressed about their relationship and can turn from being the best lovers to the crappiest ones in history.

Stress in a relationship, when ignored and taken for granted, can put any relationship in jeopardy. It’s like a gateway in making mistakes that will ruin your relationship. Just as stress can cause health problems on us humans, stress can have similar effects to our romantic relationships, and worse, can even affect our other relationships.

That is why it is important for you and your girlfriend to recognize stress in the relationship at the first signs of it, as well as avoid anything that can lead to it.

Here are some of the most common causes of relationship stress:

  • Lack of trust. A slight carelessness in action – yours, your partner’s or someone else’s – that could trigger an episode of jealousy can create a distrusting atmosphere in the relationship. And constant jealousy, suspicions, and accusations can cause a lot of mental stress. Ultimately, these jealousy-induced stresses can cause a strain in the relationship.
  • Personal insecurity. Many people think that they can get away with their personal insecurities in their relationship. Others even think that they have lost their insecurities, or probably overthink, when they feel that they lost their abilities on how to use mind control on women. But some forms of insecurity are too deeply-seated in one’s personality that it could easily affect how a lover relates with his lover. It can trigger clinginess, jealousy, or maybe even hinder them from functioning properly in the relationship.
  • Personal stress. We cannot blame ourselves if we use our relationships and lovers as natural stress relief. After all, your girlfriends cannot be sweet and comforting; neither can you to your girlfriends. But sometimes, stress just cannot be contained even by the best of girlfriends and boyfriends. Personal stress can be stress from the family, work, environment, etc. And it can get so bad that it can take the best out of anyone – including the person who you take it all out to: your lover.

Do not let relationship stress get to you.


  • Stress with other people. It can be as dramatic as your parents disapproving of your relationship a la Romeo and Juliet, or it could be as annoying as an annoying ex-lover. Even your friends’ bad opinions about your relationship and your girlfriend (or hers to you) can cause a lot of problem in the relationship.
  • Stress with your partner. This is the most common and most easily recognizable causes of stress in a relationship: stress with your partner and therefore, in the whole relationship itself. Sometimes, our partners become toxic beings that instead of helping us become the people we deserve to be in the relationship, we become crammed in their ideal image of a partner. Other times, it could also come from plain incompatibility – when you cannot seem to agree with your partner on almost anything, you can get stressed out from it as a result.

Some of these causes of stress are easily avoidable, others are not. Work with your girlfriend when you see that these things are beginning to affect your relationship so you stop the stress at the root.

The most crucial stage in any relationship is that time between just dating and getting in a relationship – when you definitely more than friends but less than lovers. This juncture is when both parties get to take a really good look at what the other person is going to be like in a committed relationship scenario.

It’s the make-or-break of any budding relationship. Making these common mistakes will hurt any chances of your budding romance becoming into a full-blow relationship:

  • Comparing with the ex.

Ahh, but of course the ex. Just as annoying X is in algebra back in college, so is the ex in real life romantic relationships. The only thing worse and more annoying than an already annoying ex is a man who has not moved on from his perfect ex-girlfriend. It does not even matter whether you say your comparisons out loud or even in your brain – they are just as bad. One, being compared is bad enough; two being compared with some girl from your past when we’re trying to start something romantic is much, much worse. If you are seriously not ready to move on from your past lover, or we do not match up to their perfection, please by all means go back to them.

  • Being insecure.

Everyone has his own set of personal insecurities, it’s normal. What makes it bad is if it gets in the way of how you relate with people especially with prospective romantic partners. Insecurities can cause people to become jealous and clingy and maybe even petty – and these are major turn offs. Don’t let your personal issues, insecurities, and other emotional baggage ruin your chances at getting great committed relationships. Have confidence in yourself, have confidence in your partner, and more importantly, build your budding relationship with trust.

  • Expecting too much.

You don’t want to choke your special someone too early in the relationship. You know how to meet women, but did you know that when you expect to much after that, you’ll risk losing everything?! Until you have made the commitment and you’ve made everything official, you cannot expect your special girl to give you all of her time and her efforts. Do not expect her to give you the attention of a fully committed girlfriend when you are even less than that. Ladies need to take their time, you know.

  • Being too indecisive.

Do not be the living image of the guy in Katy Perry’s song, ‘Hot and Cold’. Don’t leave a lady hanging and unsure of what she is to you with your indecisiveness. Don’t let her wait too long to make a commitment, or pretend one moment that you’re ready for it and the next, you chicken out at the thought of a commitment. A lady deserves a better man than that, and she cannot waste her time waiting for you forever.

  •  Being too lustful.

If you’re only after getting in her pants, you don’t need a girlfriend – you need a hooker. Dating fact: not every woman has sex on their minds on the first date. Do not think of it that way, otherwise you’ll end up with blood on your nose(hopefully, just on your nose if you know what I mean.) Don’t rush a lady into getting down and dirty on sex with you. Wait until she’s ready, and while at it, keep proving to her that you deserve her. Oh, and prove to her too that sex is not all you’re after. Who wants to be anyone’s sex slave anyway?